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What is a CRB?

– One of the oldest and most respected designations in the industry.
– Elite group of individuals — only 3% of all REALTORS® have met the requirements.
– CRB Designees are proven leaders and are among the most effective, efficient and profitable in the industry.
– Exemplifies the highest level of professional achievement in real estate brokerage management.
– Since 1968, the Council has awarded this prestigious designation only to REALTORS® who have met specific requirements and completed advanced professional training.

CRB Designation Requirements

– Obtain or hold active membership in the National Association of REALTORS® as a REALTOR® or REALTOR®-Associate.
– Have at least one year of management experience prior to designation (may be obtained while a Candidate).
Submit a management resume outlining your experience.

CRB Courses

Understanding & Leveraging Teams (2-day course, 3 CRB Credits)

Real estate brokerage firms face the challenge of a market place that demands higher levels of service from both the brokerage firm and individual agents. This increased demand creates a need for specialization and an unbundling of tasks associated with the real estate transaction (i.e., listing coordination/follow-up, transaction/closing follow-up, buyer’s agents, listing agents, marketing, client services, etc.)  At the same time, agents are limited by their individual capacity to perform all of the necessary tasks and continue to maximize their market share and ultimately, their revenue performance.  The opportunity exists for agents to improve their performance by building a high performance team.  Under this concept, a single agent can delegate, duplicate and eventually replicate work functions by leveraging their business through others.  If structured correctly, a multi-agent team can improve efficiency, maximize performance, and increase profitability.

In many companies there are multi-agent teams running their own business within the brokerage.  Do these teams and team leaders view you as a resource for their business?  If they don’t, chances are they are getting coaching and advice from others outside of your organization.  This two-day workshop puts you back, front and center, in front of these teams and team leaders as their mentor, consultant and business manager.  This course is also good for those future team leaders who want to understand the team concept and the stages of growth of a successful team.

The target audience for this program includes brokerage managers who are considering adding a number of teams into their agent mix or perhaps already have a team or teams within their brokerage currently. The program also offers valuable and timely content for current or potential team leaders that are looking to create a team.

Learning Objectives

– Developing a blueprint for a successful team model which includes job descriptions
– Analyzing the growth stages of teams, how they form, and why some fail
– Creating coachable moments for the growth plateaus experienced by all teams
– Developing employment contracts that align with the company’s policies
– Managing conflicts that arise within the brokerage due to teams and their members
– Reviewing best practices in team management direct from other’s real world experiences
– Creating team compensation plans that incentivize and maintain profitability

Business Planning for Maximum Results (2-day course, 3 CRB Credits)

Strategic business planning and implementation are fundamental to the success of any real estate company. The plan must be relevant and address both internal and external changes and challenges.  In addition, it must be guided by the company’s values and vision and be executed so that every staff and/or team member is positioned to optimize their contribution.  This course provides you with a process for developing a strategic business plan, guidelines for implementing that plan and methods for how to apply the plan to real world situations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to examine a variety of business models, evaluate the impact of those internal and external influences and develop change strategies to meet the ever-evolving business environment. And, at the conclusion of each module you will have constructed a key part of your personalized business plan.

Learning Objectives

– Creating a clear vision statement that guides the focus and activities of all stakeholders.
– Understanding the impact of external dynamics and internal change within your business.
– Developing action-oriented objectives and assigning responsibility and accountability.
– Examining the effects and planning impact of both marketplace and company changes.
– Establishing a control discipline to organize, implement and manage the business plan.

The A.R.T. of Recruiting: Attract & Retain Talent (2-day course, 3 CRB Credits)

This hands on and interactive two-day recruiter’s workshop will strengthen and develop the skills of any person within your firm who is responsible for recruiting sales associates. Whether new or seasoned, the participant will walk through the steps of creating the company’s Recruiting Action Plan. This Action Plan will enable the participant to implement both foundational and advanced strategies for creating a high energy office environment that will attract potential recruits and retain existing productive associates. The participant will also develop and learn winning dialogues and best practices that they can immediately put to work, (and try on for size), in a safe group-practice setting.

Learning Objectives

– How to Clean House & Prepare Your Culture before Company Comes.
– Strategically Targeting & Sourcing Your Dream Team (Inviting Company).
– Clearly Communicating Your Value Proposition from the Prospect’s Perspective.
– The Mechanics and Steps of the Attraction Based Talent Management Process.
– The Essential Elements of a Successful Interview – Including How to Close.
– Selectively Selecting for Success and In-line with Your Company’s.

Sales Leadership that Drives Performance (2-day course, 3 CRB Credits)

Today’s managers must deal with a myriad of leadership challenges, such as recruiting, managing turnover, training and mentoring; in addition to running a successful and profitable business. To succeed, you must develop and implement a leadership strategy that addresses these challenges and have the flexibility to adapt to different personalities and different situations. This course is designed to help you understand different management and leadership techniques and apply them to real world situations. And at the conclusion of each of module, you’ll construct a key part of your personalized Sales Leadership Strategy.

Learning Objectives

– Developing effective sales associates who are aligned with the company’s culture.
– Identifying and implementing the critical elements of a learning program.
– Understanding & adjusting your leadership style based on the individual and the situation.
– Developing the skills necessary to coach, mentor and hold people accountable.
– Aligning your recruiting & retention strategy as part of the sales development process.
– Harnessing performance strategies to ensure agents will reach their full potential.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Software Training FREE 00:40:00
Object Oriented Design Patterns 00:35:00
Software Testing 00:30:00
Section 2: Advanced Computing
Advanced Database Development 00:25:00
Algorithm analysis 00:45:00
Multi Threading in Softwares 00:40:00
Managing Software Testing 00:20:00
The Software Quiz 00:04:00

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